May there be light… Keeping things (and life) in perspective!

By: Janice Krupic, President & CEO of Paragon Leadership

May there be light . . . Keeping things (and life) in perspective!

Just when our family was beginning to feel a sense of cabin-fever, like the rest of the world, due to the Stay at Home order, SE Michigan was hit with a windstorm yesterday with some isolated residents in the tri-county area losing their power. And, we were one of them.  Our reaction was a natural one – You’re kidding.  Hopefully the power comes on soon… and at least tonight!  But rather than the power coming back on, a transformer blew which then set the house fire detectors to go off and the utility workers to depart for the evening.  And, of course, we just went grocery shopping that morning and purchased 1.5 weeks’ worth of food to prevent another public exposure, and being that our water system is hooked up to our power, we were without water too!  Thankfully, due to the hard-working utility workers (who put themselves at risk every day, not only enduring the weather elements of the cold, rain and wind, but in keeping themselves healthy amidst the pandemic) and the four hours of their non-stop work, they were able to get the power up and running again.

I find that my patience is being tried these days as I am also battling a couple of infections that are non- Covid-19 related.

As I took a deep breath today and processed the world in which we are now living, and the normal reaction as to how we can tend to react to things out of our control, I started feeling incredibly guilty and grateful.  Who cares if you have to Stay at Home, if you have power and water?  And, who cares if you don’t have power and water, if you have your health?  And, who cares if you are battling infections, if you still have your life?

May we get up in the morning and focus on what we are grateful for and what we have.  And, may we extend our prayers and outreach to those who are in a different place in need, especially those who are fighting for their life.

May there be continued light for you and your loved ones during this time!