Simple Messages for Women Seeking Answers in All Stages of a Career

By Janice Krupic, President & CEO of Paragon Leadership International

Clear the clutter . . . shift the paradigm

Act I

I’m new to my role and/or my career, and I want to be sure I am seen and heard. The CEO doesn’t have a clue who I am, but why would he/she?

Self-efficacy in the success of one’s career is crucial. We must believe in ourselves to reach our potential. When we shift our inner dialogue (or self-critic), the world opens all kinds of possibilities.

Turn fear into courage . . . courage into risk . . . and risk into payoff

Act II

My company is experiencing significant transformation. With such transformation comes uneasiness as to where I fit in and what lies ahead for me in the organization and in my career.

When we let ourselves become consumed with fear, we can feel frozen or paralyzed for a period. Recent research has found that our fear response has more to do with a state in our body and brain than it does with something fundamental about our neural architecture. This means that we can control our state of mind and even manipulate it in a dedicated way. When we do this, it allows us to take higher levels of health risk tolerance where payoffs may be advantageous in ways we have never thought possible.

Think boldly . . . embrace the unknown


My experiences have been vast and my successes inspiring. I’m ready to move on but not ready to retire. I’m excited to see what opportunities lie ahead, but how boldly can I go?

Take the time to reflect on your SELF, your GIFTS, your VALUE, and PURPOSE. Believe that anything is possible!

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