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Paragon Leadership® Celebrates 20th Anniversary by Launching Three New Coaching Products


January 18, 2021 – Detroit, MI -- Paragon Leadership International is celebrating 20 years of shaping the face of leadership. In recognition of this milestone, the company is launching three exclusive and customized Executive Coaching offerings and a new icon, The Future Face of Leadership®.

“Twenty years ago, Paragon Leadership was founded with the goal of making a difference in the lives of leaders and their respective companies by helping develop the future face of leadership,” said Janice Krupic, President and CEO, Paragon Leadership International. “With these new programs, we are meeting leaders today for where they want to be tomorrow.”


Paragon helps leaders achieve the best version of themselves to impact the companies they represent. Paragon is now offering three new exclusive and customizable Executive Coaching products:


Executive Coaching for the VIRTUAL WORLD

Focuses on key elements a leader needs to drive satisfaction and results in the virtual world:

Vocal Presence & Communication, Inclusivity & Innovation, Relationship Building & Resiliency, Team Leadership, Understanding Self & Others, Agility & Adaptability, Learning & Leading Change. A Paragon Executive Coach will support the leader in building and executing on a plan that drives overall effectiveness for the individual and organization.


Holistic Executive Coaching

Where mind and body connect with Leadership Goals. The leader benefits from developing a customized holistic leadership development plan and approach while working with an executive coach AND nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness experts. Robust (balanced - 20 hours) or Targeted (focused - 6 hours) offerings available.


MicroCoaching ® - Where a little coaching goes a long way.

Leadership coaching that maximizes TIME while increasing ROI! While focusing on the acronym of TIME - Targeted Objectives, Feedback and Customized Development Tools, Mini (30-40-minute virtual coaching sessions), and Empowering Action Plan & Supporting Strategies are used. Encourages leaders to quickly respond to their changing dynamics by offering laser-focused, concentrated, short-term coaching.  Attacking the challenges one faces today will accelerate the growth and development needed for tomorrow.


To learn more about Paragon’s new coaching offerings, visit Paragon’s website at or contact Heather Evans at 


About Paragon Leadership

Since 2001, Paragon Founder and CEO, Janice Krupic, has been passionate about supporting the development of future leaders. Under Janice’s leadership, Paragon has become recognized as one of the leading-edge coaching firms supporting the next generation of leadership, whether destined as a CEO-Successor of a Fortune 100 organization or an aspiring leader early in a career within a mid-market, privately-owned organization. For 20 years, Paragon’s team of 100+ coaches and consultants have infused energy, direction, and power into the lives of more than 10,000 successful leaders across 25 countries.