MCM “Find & Seek Job Friday!”

Many of you have requested the opportunity to share possible needs your organization has for a unique leadership position or you personally are seeking a job or career change. In support of these efforts, on the last Friday of each month, MCM members will be able to:

  • Post an opening, by giving the following information only: Our (company name) is seeking a (title). To learn more, please contact (name) at (contact information).

(Please note, the goal of the MCM site is NOT to become a recruitment site, but rather offer an opportunity to leverage the unique MCM network you are a part of to advance your own career.)

  • Let your MCM colleagues know of a desired personal job or career change by posting: I am currently in a (role or career) of (?), and am pursuing opportunities in (career, position title) or seeking individuals who can support me in exploring (career or position in).  Please email me at (email), if you or someone you know may be able to support me in this mission.