Healthcare Successor Assessment

Healthcare Successor Assessment

Would you seek a neurologist for a gastroenterology-related issue? Probably not. Would you conduct qualified research on different healthcare providers before having serious surgery, assuming immediacy was not a factor? Probably.

Such reasoning should be no different when identifying the best talent aligned with the evolving demands of the organization and the incumbent in the role.

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Why Choose Paragon’s Healthcare Successor Assessment Service?

We have a successful track record in aligning the outcomes of our process with the likelihood of fit and success of incumbent in role.

Common Pain Points

What You Can Expect from Our Services

We use a simple, well-proven, 4-step process

  1. Under the organization culture and clarify the Critical Success Factors (CSF) for the respective role, utilizing a proven tool and process.
  2. Candidate to complete a Leadership and Psychological Assessment, aligned with the CSF.
  3. Interview the candidate to glean further context and test hypotheses from earlier gathered data.
  4. Synthesize data and provide executive reports indicating the likelihood of fit and success in the role.

Empower growth and lead confidently

By nurturing valuable connections with those driving healthcare progress, healthcare can prosper as long as there are passionate professionals dedicated to making a difference.