Leadership Agility

Agile organizations require agile leaders. Executives who want to achieve and sustain dramatically better results must take their teams, organizational cultures, and leadership to a new level. Paragon has extensive experience partnering with executives and leadership teams to increase their agility and overall effectiveness by offering practical, strategic solutions for the numerous challenges commonly faced in today’s environment.

Few events carry greater risk to business value than a change of leadership. So why settle for an ineffective succession planning process or–even worse–no process at all for finding and preparing the next generation of leaders?

For the Individual Leader:

Our process involves state-of-the-art tools and assessments, including our Leadership Agility Accelerator™ (ChangeWise), which helps leaders focus on the key areas where increased agility pays the highest dividends.

For the Leadership Team:

We offer Leadership Agility workshops designed specifically for a senior team—or an extended senior team. The workshop is an action-oriented program based on research featured in the award-winning book, Leadership Agility, married with three decades of Paragon’s experience in consulting organizations, teams, and their leaders.

Common Pain Points

  • Your leadership team is not able to assess, pivot and act fast enough.

  • Your leadership lacks vision, which means your organization is headed nowhere.

  • Your employees are burning out, and turnover is on the rise.

Leadership Assessment
Action Plan
Future Strategy
Leadership Assessment

Quickly and thoroughly assess current problems, organization structure, performance, pain points, and talent risks.

Action Plan

Use data and assessments to develop short and long term action plans.

Future Strategy

Create successful growth plans designed to fit your unique circumstances and business model.