Executive Coaching

The Paragon Difference

A study of the stock performance of 486 publicly traded companies revealed that companies with a strong financial performance tend to have employees with higher levels of self-awareness than companies with poor performance.

Paragon helps you achieve that significant competitive advantage by enhancing your leaders’ and organization’s performance through measurable objectives.

We have a proven track record.
We have coached more than 1,000 leaders around the globe for over 18 years.

We understand the increasing complexities of the global enterprise.
We bring fresh thinking and new tools to help you stay ahead of the trends.

We have a global presence.
Our coaches are located around the world, serving clients on five continents.

We are agile and flexible.
We respond quickly to our clients’ needs while providing customized solutions.

We think boldly.
In today’s unpredictable world, we challenge our clients to question everything and think systemically.

We have a dedicated team to serve you.
Our team includes coaches, subject matter experts, project managers and client managers whose top priority is to delight you.

We make you look great.
Everyone needs a partner who’s got their back—we’re that partner.

We treat our values as our North Star.
Accountability, authenticity, and confidentiality guide everything we do.

99% of companies who hired executive coaches were satisfied with their services | 98% said they would repeat the process

(International Coach Federation, 2016)

Common Pain Points

  • Your successor bench is thin . . . or empty.

  • You worry that you don’t have the skills needed to lead the organization.

  • You fear the unknown or are leading others who fear the unknown.

Paragon’s behavior-based executive coaching model, takes an inside-out approach, beginning with the individual, then the role, then the organization. Each program is customized to your unique needs, which allows us to support you through a systemic lens while making critical connections across all elements. This tried-and-true process has been refined and perfected over the past 17 years. Global leaders who’ve taken this journey with us have executed seamless succession plans and transitioned successfully into C-suite positions.

Coaching Foundation
Diagnostics & Feedback
Action Planning
Learning Cycle
Engagement Completion
Post-Coaching Diagnostics
Coaching Foundation

Identify business objectives and critical challenges. Clarify roles with key shareholders. Strategically align coaching objectives with business results.

Diagnostics & Feedback

Process and interpret assessments. Conduct stakeholder interviews. Provide feedback. Utilize additional diagnostic data.

Action Planning

Identify behaviors necessary to achieve business objectives. Determine outcomes and metrics. Create strategic action plan to achieve business results.

Learning Cycle

Integrate learnings with actions. Continuously involve executive sponsor and seek input from other key stakeholders. Evaluate progress and modify strategic opportunities.

Engagement Completion

Conduct feedback dialogue sessions with key stakeholders. Review critical measures against business objectives. Develop action plan and strategies for sustainable behavioral change.

Post-Coaching Diagnostics

Complete post-diagnostic initiatives to include post-assessment and/or stakeholder interviews. Benchmark results against original objectives.