Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles

For Healthcare Leaders

With the pace of change in the healthcare sector, and staff often expected to do more with less, we recognize time, flexibility and inclusivity are all important factors in supporting a healthy culture and healthy providers. That said, we have found Coaching Circles, especially with healthcare providers, to be an effective and efficient way to support the development of individual leaders as well as a team.

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Why Choose Paragon’s Coaching Circles?

With scarcity of resources, both time and money, the organization net value, ten-fold of coaching a group of leaders at one time, with emphasis on just-in-time issues. This may include building internal community and a health employee culture, aligning employee with patient experiences, retaining talent, enhancing the overall well-being of key staff.

Common Pain Points

What You Can Expect from Our Services

A proven and efficient process to include:

Empower growth and lead confidently

By nurturing valuable connections with those driving healthcare progress, healthcare can prosper as long as there are passionate professionals dedicated to making a difference.