CEO Successor Coaching

Paragon takes an uncommon approach to developing CEO Successors: We integrate the development of foundational executive leadership skills, as well as those unique to the company. All succession plans require three core elements—technical skills, leadership behavior and personality traits.

But that’s not enough. Simply replicating the current CEO does a huge disservice to the future landscape of any business.  Customizing the approach to the unique challenges and future growth projections of the company is critical.

Paragon has coached CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, mid-size, privately owned companies; and start-ups.  Does each scenario require a different set of skills?  The answer is yes, no, maybe, and it depends.

But that’s alright because Paragon’s CEO Successor Coaching is customizable.

2/3 of US public and private companies still admit that they have no formal CEO succession plan in place.

(National Association of Corporate Directors)

Our Edge

  • Integration of stretch assignments or job rotation

  • Mentorship with a sitting/previous CEO in an environment that is unique to your current environment

  • Board exposure, either internal or external, to your current organization

  • A personal Paragon coach who excels at CEO Successor Coaching

  • A CEO role questionnaire, incorporating the views of the current and successor CEO

  • Executive Leadership 360 Assessment to assess strengths and opportunities

  • Executive leadership presence and brand support

  • Enneagram© personality assessment—a catalyst for personal and professional growth

  • Leadership Agility Accelerator©—a tool to assess the current level of leadership agility and to nurture growth

Common Pain Points

  • You don’t think your colleagues view you as a viable CEO candidate.

  • You fear failure. The opportunity is near, but it is daunting.

  • You lack critical experience or the skills needed to be a CEO.

Technical Aspects
Leadership Behaviors
Traits & Motivators
Technical Aspects

Industry trends and knowledge, financial acumen.

Leadership Behaviors

Creating strategic visions and realities, leading others to implement the vision.

Traits & Motivators

Self-reflection, personal style, and display of behaviors.