Healthcare Successor Development

Healthcare Successor Development

Distinctively different than Onboarding internal to the organization, Paragon supports the accelerated success of the leader new to a role, by providing a proven process and experienced healthcare executive coaches, external to the organization. We cannot emphasize ‘external’ enough as most leaders new to role are not apt to be open with an internal resource, especially if they are struggling to assimilate into the culture, team, or role.

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Why Choose Paragon’s Healthcare Successor Development Service?

We understand the challenges leaders new to a role may face in the healthcare industry and know a successful transition is key to retention, engagement, and performance.

Common Pain Points

What You Can Expect from Our Services

Paragon’s proprietary FACE (Foundation-Alignment-Communication-Evaluation) has been proven as a process that works for any leader at any level, who has been identified as a successor or already placed in a successor role.

We use a well-proven and inclusive process that includes:

Empower growth and lead confidently

By nurturing valuable connections with those driving healthcare progress, healthcare can prosper as long as there are passionate professionals dedicated to making a difference.