Healthcare Specialty Offerings

Physician Executives

“Expand Your Scope”

As most physicians have come from an area of specialty, “Expand Your Scope” focuses on supporting physician leaders to be proactive and intentional about expanding their sphere of influence, in both breadth of business disciplines as well as stakeholder relationships. This customized offering is designed to support the Physician Leader in being a more well-rounded executive within the organization and includes:

  • 8 coaching sessions with Paragon executive coach of one’s choosing who is experienced in coaching physician leaders
  • Up to two assessments intentionally selected based on desired outcomes
  • Introduction to peer mentor external to organization
  • crowd of people

    Operational Executives

    “Embrace New Strategies”

    As the rate of change and complexity increases in the healthcare landscape, Operating Executives are often faced with such challenges from all areas within the organization. The common saying “what got us there yesterday, will not get us there today or tomorrow” is all too relevant for healthcare executives serving in high-impact operating roles.

    The focus of “Embrace New Strategies” challenges the executive to balance strategy with speed, which begins with awareness of how one has been operating to date and exploring new ways of behaving in support of new ways of thinking and leading, on behalf of the organization. As this offering encourages executives to step out of their comfort zone, working with a seasoned external executive coach in a safe space is critical to success. Our uniquely designed customized offering includes:

  • 10 coaching sessions with just-in-time coach check-ins in between sessions
  • Personal Motivator Assessment
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Verbal 360 Assessment
  • crowd of people

    Physician Assistants

    “Become A Change Agent”

    As many businesses focus exclusively on physicians and nurse leaders, we are proud to offer programs specific to PAs, one of the fastest-growing professions in the nation. As demands facing healthcare leaders continue to grow, the focus is on the Triple Aim to improve patient safety, reduce costs, and improve quality. There is no profession better positioned to help hospitals achieve these goals than the PA profession.

    Many PAs excel clinically yet need access to quality resources to push their leadership skills to the next level. The focus of “Become A Change Agent” is to take your leadership skills to the next level and navigate the complex and ever-evolving demands on healthcare leaders. This offering, customized for the Physician Assistant, includes:

  • 6-8 coaching sessions with a Paragon coach experienced in the healthcare sector
  • Personality Assessment
  • 360 Assessment and coach debrief
  • Career Visioning tool
  • crowd of people

    Nurse Leaders

    “Uplift Your Staff”

    Nurse Leadership has never been at a more critical crossroads. “Uplift Your Staff” focuses on supporting the Nurse Leader by addressing the current challenges one is facing relative to the workforce, and coming up with proactive development strategies.

    By focusing on the inclusivity of all staff, we help leaders gain the self-confidence to try something new and adopt a healthy and effective leadership style that may be more aligned with the needs of the future of healthcare and the accompanying workforce.

    This unique and customized process includes:

  • 6 coaching sessions with a Paragon coach experienced in the healthcare sector
  • Verbal 360 Assessment and coach debrief
  • Personal Development tool and related assessment
  • crowd of people

    Seeking a personalized touch?

    At Paragon, we understand everyone is different. We customize solutions to fit your unique needs. Your uniqueness deserves a personalized touch, and we're committed to crafting an experience that perfectly aligns with your distinct preferences.

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