Strategic Consulting

Paragon’s customized consulting work focuses on applying a holistic approach to solving business problems that integrates strategy, organization, and people. Whether a well-established Fortune 500 company, or a new start-up, we will create a plan that caters to your organization’s unique business circumstances.

We know business.  Paragon executive consultants have a wealth of global business experience, in a variety of industries, as well as access to the latest research and outside resources to support your team through a variety of challenges.  We offer project-based, as well as retained executive-consulting services to help you navigate your current and future challenges.

Our executive consultants help you with:

  • Organizational transformation- analyzing staffing needs, such as restructuring, hiring, layoffs, consolidations and M&A integrations
  • Strategic organizational changes – planning and execution, from both people and systems perspectives
  • Global HR strategy- talent planning and expansion efforts
  • Examine, target, and redesign organizational processes to become more responsive and efficient
  • Executive selection, screening, and readiness
  • Service excellence
  • Strategic communications
  • Enterprise knowledge management
  • Outsourcing and insourcing strategies
  • Cross-cultural and/or cross-generational collaboration
  • Global work teams

Common Pain Points

  • Your team lacks the experience and skills needed to address a specific business challenge.

  • You fear a one-size-fits-all approach for your unique organization.

  • You feel overwhelmed by the rapid changes happening in your organization.

  • Growth is on the horizon, but you aren’t prepared to tackle it head on.


Quickly and thoroughly assess current problem, pain points, and risks


Develop immediate, short- and long-term action plans


Leverage performance metrics to ensure delivery is on time, within budget, and achieves successful results