HerStory™: Rachel Barb – In Her 40’S



Rachel Barb, the epitome of ‘hard work pays off’ is in this edition of HerStory™. Rachel Barb has worked for her organization for 19 years and is the Regional Talent Acquisition Director for the entire Midwest region.

Rachel has proven to be not only a successful leader, but a peer that is always willing to share her best practices. With faith that all things are connected, and a sense of awareness for inclusion, Rachel is one of a kind!

Rachel shares one of her desk quotes, ‘behind every successful woman is herself’ and how women can let their fear go. Read on to learn more!


I am most passionate about . . .
Hiring people.

Working in Healthcare during a pandemic has been equal parts challenging and rewarding. We are facing unique challenges that no other organization has faced before. It’s always been a passion of mine to match the right people in the right roles and bring people in to support, lead, and care for this organization, but it’s even more important today than it ever was.


My greatest career hurdle has been . . .
Moving from an individual contributor to a leader within the same team.

I was met with unwavering support by my team. However, the greatest challenge has been going from a peer/friend/colleague to now an immediate supervisor, shifting how I provide feedback, and work towards eliminating barriers.


My greatest career accomplishment has been . .
Being able to help other team members grow and develop.

Seeing colleagues find their passions and make transitions into other departments or into my department has been my greatest career accomplishment. To know that I have a part in not only hiring, but also and the career development of our colleagues has been and continues to be career affirming.


I believe the greatest opportunity for future generations of women leaders is . . .
Begin the journey early.

So often women look for roles and opportunities to be presented to them.

While I believe that is a safe and opportune way to go, we must make opportunities happen for ourselves. If you say it out loud, you can make it happen.

Being a passenger or a bystander in your own career does not do anyone any favors.

The person in charge of making things happen and taking those opportunities is you.

It is with you all along; you must take and make those opportunities.

Behind every successful woman is herself!


The mentor who has the greatest impact on my career has been . . .
Marian Jones

Marian is the HR professional that hired me many moons ago.

She’s hardworking, polished, professional, thorough, detailed, warm and kind.

Her influence and strong definition of herself as a professional has definitely left a long term and lasting message that still resonates with me today.


If I could meet one person who I believe has had the greatest impact on the growth and development of women, it would be . . .
Sandra Day O’Connor.

She was the first female associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

She was rightfully nominated to the highest court of our land. She was trailblazing in so many ways and wore so many hats. She was brilliant and accomplished and did so many wonderful things on a national scale for women in leadership.


To me, inclusivity means . . .
Ensuring that everyone that is seated at your table is encouraged to use their voice.

I do have a seat at the table, and I want to be sure everyone else does. But, that’s not enough. Now that everyone has a seat, how are we using our voice? We need to use our experiences, knowledge, education, and passion to share and propel things forward.

So often we wait and utilize the phrase ‘I just…’

That gives others the opportunity to position themselves in a way to take claim for a thought that wasn’t theirs.

Take the ownership.

Let the fear go.

Stop with ‘I just…’ and be bold with ‘I am…’


When I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed at work, my go to, to get to a healthier place is . . .
To pour my thoughts into gratitude.

So often, in any organization, we get caught in a cycle of negatives. What has really centered me is focusing on words and gestures of gratitude.

If I am feeling stressed, I’ll say thank you to someone. I will appreciate someone for their work, overtly or anonymously and that helps me get to a healthier mindset.


The greatest piece of advice I have to give to women is…
Work hard and know that if you allow your voice to be heard, you will make things happen.