Honoring Greg Huszczo, Ph.D.

Greg Huszczo, Ph.D. and Paragon Senior Executive Coach

Paragon would like to honor one of our most prestigious executive coaches, Dr. Greg Huszczo, and congratulate him on his retirement from Eastern Michigan University where he has served as Professor in the MSHROD (Master of Science, Human Resource & Organization Development) program over the past 40 years. Below are ten points from his “Final Lecture” to share with all leaders:

  1. Encourage your sense of curiosity. It will make your life even more interesting.
  2. Trust your perspectives on people & organizations but seek empirical evidence to verify them.
  3. Give more than you receive, and you will always end up feeling better about yourself.
  4. Feedback is the key to learning. Seek it out and offer it constructively.
  5. Help others by helping them help themselves.
  6. If possible, don’t settle for a job or a career. Find your calling. I did, and it made my life happier.
  7. Collaborate more than you compete. Together you and others will produce a better world.
  8. Never stop learning. Learning comes from actively reflecting on your experiences.
  9. Change may be difficult to experience, but it is the only path to growth.
  10. Make a difference by being yourself. You will never be perfect, but embrace your good self.