Letter to the My Career Matters Members

Welcome to My Career Matters! Whether you have been a member of this group since the beginning or just signed up yesterday – we are glad you are here! To help you take full advantage of what MCM has to offer – here is a bit of a “User’s Manual.”

My Career Matters began because we wanted to have a virtual clubhouse for women supporting women. One of the main differences between My Career Matters and other women’s groups is that My Career Matters wants to have women from different stages of their careers, from different company cultures, and from different skill expertise. We want to bring all these uniquely diverse women together to share our experiences and learn from each other while supporting one another in our paths. By having this diversity, we want to ensure that everyone is represented.

To be clear – this group is secure, and no one can see the content or personal posts unless they are a member of this group. We will never post something to the public unless we have your approval beforehand. We want this space to be safe and honest, so do not hesitate to ask questions and share experiences.

On the MCM LinkedIn page, we post every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and these posts are timely news articles, Thoughtful Tuesday questions and analysis, and interviews with MCM women leaders.  On Friday – we give a shout-out to our members with Cocktail Friday. With these posts, we hope that you will comment and interact with other members. However, this is YOUR group, so we want and encourage you to post content. What is inspiring you? What is causing you to question? POST IT!

Currently, we are working on some surveys to understand and improve our community better. Feel free to ask questions to the group as we want this community to have an ability to support one another in real time. In case you missed it, here’s an Thoughtful Tuesday analysis on the question: Would you accept a promotion without a raise?

By understanding our mission, we now want to discuss how you should be using this group. In this group, we want you to network with members on your own time. To find our members, go to the group page and in the upper left corner, there is a tab that shows all our members (over 500!), and you can look at their profile and reach out to them. Every woman in this group is committed to supporting each other – don’t hesitate to make a connection with another member. The advantage of a virtual networking space is the ability to fit into your work/life balance. Research shows the importance of women to continue to network to further their career, but this can be difficult in trying to maintain a work/life balance – this group alleviates this stress by allowing you to network digitally. So, send that message to get some coffee!

ALSO! My Career Matters will post about our in-person events where we will have Limber Learning Opportunities, which are workshops that will teach you a savvy skill in about an hour and a half. Get ready for a revelation as these events will change your perspective and ignite your passion for your career! Our next event will be in June 6 from 8AM-10:30AM in Farmington Hills featuring our workshop “Who Controls the Reins of Your Career?” Register by clicking here!

Want to connect more with your MCM members? Join a coffee chat! We’ve started organically grown coffee chats where we email a group of women in the relatively same area and ask that one of the members coordinate a meeting at a coffee shop. It’s an informal way to meet other women and connect together to support one another. We are sending out emails regularly, but if you want to make sure that you are included – send us your email to, and we will make sure you will be in the next one!

Finally (I promise), we cannot express how excited we are to start this group, and we are so glad you are with us to celebrate and learn from other women! The future is female, and this group shows that is true. We’ll see you on the page!