Limber Coaching℠

Your Limber Coaching investment includes:

  • Enneagram assessment—An innovative assessment tool that focuses on YOU: your motivators, your self-awareness, your responsibilities, and your growth.
  • Enneagram book to expand your learning of the tool
  • Five coaching sessions to use whenever you want
  • Post-engagement quality survey


71% of millennials do not feel emotionally or behaviorally connected to their companies.


Common Pain Points

  • You are a business leader hoping to maintain your early career potential.

  • You are a next generation leader who craves authentic, real-time feedback.

  • You are a HR leader hoping to attract and retain your next generation talent.

  • You are a millennial feeling unfulfilled in your work.

Limber coaching is a simple, rapid, affordable, and practical solution to retain and re-engage young talent in your organization.

On-Demand Feedback
Flexible Coaching
Micro-Skill Development
On-Demand Feedback

Give and receive constructive feedback for a presentation, meeting, sales pitch, etc.

Flexible Coaching

Self-reflect with an experienced next generation leadership coach.

Micro-Skill Development

Quickly develop skills you need for the career you want.